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How to Apply for Kosen Labs Ambassador Program?

Kosen Labs. What is Kosen Labs? How to Apply for Kosen Labs Ambassador Program? Kosen Mission & Vision. Kosen Labs. kosen labs a16z. kosen labs a16z price in nigeria



Kosen Labs a16z

What is Kosen Labs

Kosen Mission & Vision. The mission of Kosen Lab is to be a pioneer in this new era and bring the benefits of advanced AI to the decentralised economy.

Here How to Apply For Kosen Labs Ambassador Program

After spending years developing and deploying advanced AI techniques, ex-Google DeepMind AI researchers and engineers have united to create Kosen Labs team.

Their mission is to bring the benefits of AI to the DeFi space and beyond, all while keeping entry barriers low for the end user and allowing everyone to partake in this new economy.

The combination of blockchain + AI definitely makes up a Web 3.0 project, which speaks loudly about its great potential. Even more to that, Kosen Lab also received investment support from one of the most trusted venture capital firms a16z

Kosen Labs is looking for ambassadors with diverse communication, community management and content creation skills, so you’ll certainly find something for yourself

Where to Apply


Don’t miss the opportunity to get valuable rewards for devoting a few hours of your time to help this project develop!

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