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NFTB Coin Price, What is NFTB Token, NFTB Release Date, NFTB Listing – NFTB Presale What You Should Know! 200x

NFTB (NFTB) coin price, NFTB release date. right now NFTB shows the price of the Token worth $0.00. nftb listing happening. NFTB BSC. Is nftb presale real!



nftb price

Introducing the NFTB Token

NFTb is built to reward creators and platform users. As such, our first goal is to structure the token economics of the network to incentivize creators of digital art and collectibles to create NFTs and sell them on NFTb.

Quick note: NFTb = the platform name. NFTB = the token.

Let’s go in dip details about the project

Overview of the NFTB Token

The token will be used to facilitate platform governance and boost engagement by creators and buyers & sellers. The current token economy is shared below.

The token metrics are structured to capture network participants who share our vision for the long term success of the project.

Tokens will be rewarded to users and creators as soon as the platform is live. However, all network participants will have vested tokens, to avoid a large amount of sell pressure and/or gamification of the token price.

This lockup is especially important for early investors and team members. Early buyers and users of the platform should be able to accumulate and hold without worrying that investors nor team members will sell large amounts of tokens all at once. As such, we propose a slow-release vesting schedule whereby the majority of the token supply is locked early on, then tokens are released daily.

UPDATE — The max supply of tokens will be 1 billion

Purpose of the NFTB token

NFTB will be used for the following:

  1. Incentivizing creators: rewarding creators who create and add NFTs to the platform.
  2. Maintaining Governance: decisions to integrate new protocols, edit pool parameters, edit risk parameters, etc
  3. Fee Discounts: the token can be used for discounts on the platform

Let’s take a closer look at each aspect of NFTB.

Features of the fund will include, but are not limited to:

  • Complete funding of the gas cost needed to mint NFTs
  • Beginner-friendly staking and usage solutions that do not require Metamask (similar to
  • Early-adopted rewards, with higher rewards bonuses going to creators who use the platform earlies
  • Outreach and engagement on other media platforms and communities. At the outset, this will be predominantly on Instagram
  • Onboarding and support for new creators and users

The importance of a well executed business development model and onboarding strategy cannot be overstated. The most successful and well-funded NFT platforms are those which have made the greatest inroads into mainstream markets, e.g. NBA Top Shot with the NBA and Sorare with major football/soccer leagues.

Maiar Exchange To Enable Internet-Scale Value Limited Swaps And Global Accessibility In 2021

Additional features of the Creators Fund will include a manual check for rewards allocation at the start. This is to avoid wash/bots trading, the type of which befell Rarible. Later, we will have a formal code-based verification system to ensure the authenticity of all creators and their work.

Copycats and fakes are becoming a problem in the NFT space and will continue to be an issue, so it’s important that all work on NFTb is 100% genuine.

NFTB Release date

The NFTb DAO and Voting Rights of NFTB Holders

Our ultimate goal is to evolve towards a Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO), where all decision rights will belong to the platform users.

The token, awarded to the active users of the platform, will act as the governance instrument: it will enable collectors and creators to vote on multiple upgrades and decide how the platform should develop further. This makes the governance of the platform directly responsive to our most active users and brings closer to being a public good operated by the community members who value it most.

Issuance and Mining of NFTB

NFTb will take a holistic approach to network mining that enables changes to issuance and rewards over time, to maintain steady growth and health of the platform.

The largest allotment of NFTB tokens will be utilized to incentivize the creation and usage of the marketplace by creators and collectors, in a process called NFTb Platform Mining, following the structure set forth by Rarible.# Put simply, users will earn rewards by using NFTB – not buying and selling tokens on the platform.

The Marketplace Liquidity Mining rewards (NFTb Rewards) make up 45% of all NFTB tokens. Users and creators may earn NFTB, which will be vested over a period of time. NFTb Rewards are issued at an annual rate of 2 million tokens per annum.

Initial rewards will be manually given to NFT creators/buyers to avoid gamification of the platform and to ensure quality of listings. V2 of NFTb will include an automated verification system.

NFTB Determining Emission Rate

When determining the rate of emission and rewards structure, it’s important to weigh the needs of each stakeholder (re: NFTB holder) and how their needs may change over time.

Namely, we want to avoid a situation where token issuance is high for the purpose of acquiring users early, but at the cost of acquiring users who have limited interest in using the platform long-term. To balance the needs of the network — that is, acquiring new customers and keeping them long term — we believe that a lower emission schedule is the smart choice.

Deflationary Burn Function

NTFb will burn 25% of the Ecosystem Fund and Mining Rewards over the next 20 years. Our burn will function similar to the BNB mechanism which takes into account multiple factors including:

  • Budget not spent
  • Fees
  • Network growth in TVL and users
  • The stability and health of the protocol

The goal of the burn is deflationary, creating price stability and encouraging user network growth in the form of governance token holders.

Further information about the proposed burn structure will be provided in subsequent blog posts as well as community voting.

Our current proposed model for the burn mechanism is as follows:

The Future Of Dentcoin Will Dent Hit $1 Or $2 Price break

Network Usage Burn

Similar to how Kyber and XRB implement deflationary practices in the form of network usage burns. Fees generated on the platform (10%) will be accrued to governance tokens holders of the DAO as well as the NFTb treasury. Burns will only be initiated quarterly on the treasury side of NFTb.

Budget Network Burn

A proposed budget will be set forth for platform expenses including developers, marketing and network incentives. Funds not spent will be burned on a 6 month basis.

The initial proposed token supply for the NFTb Rewards and Ecosystem Fund will also be reviewed on a 6 month basis, and subsequent rewards not given to creators or buyers of NFTs will be burned as well. The goal of said function is to provide a strong deflationary pressure for overall supply.

This applies only to token reserves in the Mining rewards and Ecosystem Fund, which together equate to 60% of the token supply.

Both proposals will be open to vote and review by the community before each proposed burn.

NFTB Release Date

21 May 2021

Stay tuned and don’t forget to be part of the community when the token is launched.

Comment your idea!

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Kingsley Francis is the founder and Partner at Fxkinfin Financial Advocates, owners of He is a financial writer with extensive experience in print as well as online media.

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In 2020-2021 Celsius did really well, reaching a valuation of $10b and recently raising $400m. The problem? They manage their funds like degens.

The Collapse of Celsius Exposed

When LUNA crashed, They offered strong rates on stablecoins, were exposed to the collapse. They held significant sums of money in UST (maybe up to $500m)

For ETH deposits, They promised 6-8% in interest, most likely earned from staking rewards on the Ethereum Beacon chain. The issue here is that assets held on the Ethereum Beacon chain are locked, you can’t simply withdraw them. However, crypto protocol Lido solves this problem by generating a liquid ‘derivative’ called Lido Staked ETH, or stETH, which has often traded at a 1:1 ratio to ETH. BUT stETH is not pegged to the value of ETH. Thus, in a bear market, all prices began to slide, and They got kicked in the ass.

Celsius Exposed


What did they do to fight the liquidity crisis? They froze withdrawals, transfers, and swaps. Now they’re trying to increase their reserves to avoid crashing.

Speaking of the reserves. There are about $10b in customer assets in Celsius, and about $1.5b accounted for in its’ various wallets. Where’s the Money, Lebowski?

  • About $400m is staked on the Ethereum Beacon chain
  • About $400m leveraged in Maker protocol, which has been on the verge of liquidation (margin call may haunt Celsius when BTC falls to < $20 000-$22 500).

And the rest? Nobody knows, people just care about the liabilities. If their assets don’t match liabilities outright, they’re screwed, and will require:

  1. External funding
  2. A loan
  3. Acquisition, which Nexo, its’s competitor, has already offered. they didn’t agree to the offer, but they’ve still got time to think until June 20

If Celsius’ position gets liquidated, BTC can fall down lower than $20 000. The company will go bankrupt, and its customers will be left with empty pockets. Terms of use kindly suggest that

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What is Arbitrum Odyssey

Arbitrum is a type of technology known as an optimistic rollup. It allows Ethereum smart contracts to scale by passing messages between smart contracts on the Ethereum main chain and those on the Arbitrum second layer chain.

The details about the event are in this post ( READ HERE ) but the starting date is different. The Odyssey will be going live in June.

Getting ready for Arbitrum Odyssey

The event requires investments, it’s not free. You’ll be interacting with different protocols for 8 weeks straight (providing liquidity, swapping tokens, etc.), which may add up to ±$300. However, during the recent AMA, the team confirmed that transactions from Polygon will also count, so this may help you reduce the costs.

Arbitrum Odyssey

If you haven’t used Arbitrum before, don’t spend your entire deposit on the wallet “warm-up”.

Before the Odyssey starts, it makes sense to initiate 2-3 transactions (token swaps, token transfers) in 2-3 EVM networks (Ethereum, Arbitrum, BNB Chain, etc.).

To save money on fees, watch the gas price closely on Etherscan and push the transactions for about 10-20 gwei.

We’ll deal with everything else on the go as soon as the official starting date is announced. Stay tuned

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