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What is AshSwap? How to Apply for AshSwap Ambassadors

What is AshSwap? AshSwap is the first stable-swap DEX built on the Elrond blockchain that allows users to trade stable assets with high volume and small slippage. How to Apply for AshSwap Ambassadors.



How to Apply for AshSwap Ambassadors.

What is AshSwap?

AshSwap is the first stable-swap DEX built on the Elrond blockchain that allows users to trade stable assets with high volume and small slippage.

It is a decentralized exchange following a stable swap model to expand liquidity and bring enhanced yield dynamics to the Elrond blockchain.

How to Apply for AshSwap Ambassadors


A friendly reminder: having invested $15 million in Elrond, my venture investment fund Morningstar Ventures has high hopes for this ecosystem. Projects built on Elrond posess HUGE potential.

Ambassador rewards will include:

Contribution reward (USDT/USDC/EGLD/AOC, etc.)

NFT Airdrop

Collaborative projects airdrop and more.

To join as an ambassador:

Join the community on Discord

Fill in the application form

Read more details about the program HERE

P.S. The team will invite only 50 participants to the first ambassador group!

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Coinbase to start collecting additional information on crypto transfers

Coinbase to start collecting additional information on crypto transfers. Canadians, Singapore, Japan and other countries to provide the name, address. Coinbase on Crypto Transfers. Coinbase





Widely used cryptocurrency exchange will require customers from Canada, Singapore and Japan to provide the name, address and, in the case of Japan, the destination wallet of the recipient to send crypto.

Coinbase on Crypto Transfers

  • Canadians sending more than CAD $1,000 ($798) in crypto will need to add the name and address of the recipient (reason: FINTRAC rules)
  • For users in Singapore, all crypto transfers from a Coinbase user’s exchange wallet to an outside address will require the recipient’s full name and country of residence (reason: Singaporean regulations)
  • In Japan, all transfers of crypto assets to recipients outside of Japan must include the recipient’s name, address and destination wallet (reason: JVCEA rules)
Coinbase on Crypto Transfers

The changes will apply in early April, the notices to the customers in the mentioned countries have already been sent. Crypto regulations are getting more strict.

Do you think it’s a good or a bad sign? Comment Below.

Keep viewing more about Cryptocurrency Find out more Here: Crypto

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OneSwap’s Multi-Crypto Liquidity Mining Event

Oneswap harmony. OneSwap’s Multi-Crypto Liquidity Mining. OneSwap DAO Token price today is $0.522703 with a 24-hour trading volume of $6,155.



OneSwap Token

OneSwap Event

Together with Mini Utopia and IFSwap, OneSwap kicks off the first multi-crypto liquidity mining event that will be held from February 25 to March 7 (0:00 UTC)

Prize pool: 3 million MUT, 120,000 IFT, 60,000 CET, and 6,000 ONES.

OneSwap’s Multi-Crypto Liquidity Mining

It enables miners to mine multiple cryptos using only one trading pair. All you need to do for maximum profit is:

  • Go to Site, choose CET and the trading pair you want for mining, then click “Join”;
  • Connect your wallet and click “Add liquidity.” After that you can withdraw mining earnings;
  • Retweet this tweet & tag 3 friends for a chance to receive an airdrop

The event shuts down today at 0:00 UTC, so hurry up to participate


What is OneSwap

A fully decentralized exchange protocol on smart contract, with permission-free token listing and automated market making. Crypto

Why Choosing it

  • Permission-free token listing: it supports trading between tokens that meet the CRC20 standard. No listing fee nor permission needed for creating a market.
  • Automated market making: it applies automated market making algorithm, and provides continuous quotation for the market. Users join the capital pool in exchange for a proportional share of transaction fees.
  • Limit order supported: In addition to the convenient conversion service, the traditional order book is also available on it, enabling more flexibility to the trading.
  • Excellent user experience: Based on users’ trading habits, OneSwap develops a feature-rich and easy-to-use operation interface.

Is OneSwap decentralized?

They makes every effort to become a decentralized and trusted platform. There are no admin controls or shutdowns built into the code of its smart contract, and all modifications and optimization will be decided by the voting results from community governance.

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Why Crypto Exchange is Not Safe

Crypto Exchange. Simply buying crypto is not enough. Even if you handle small sums of money, the first thing to think about should always be the security of your assets. Crypto exchange.



Crypto Exchange Hack

What is Crypto Exchange

A cryptocurrency exchange is an online marketplace where users buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrency.

Crypto Exchange Hack

  • 120 000 BTC got stolen from Bitcoinica.
  • Mt.Gox users lost 850 000 BTC to hackers.
  • Bitfinex security breach cost 119 756 BTC.

Crypto Exchange is Not Fully Safe

Simply buying crypto is not enough. Even if you handle small sums of money, the first thing to think about should always be the security of your assets.

There are a few ways to store your crypto: various exchanges, hot and cold wallets. Keeping money on an exchange is a doubtful choice since exchanges are not fully decentralized and there’s always a risk of an account ban. Hot online wallets are a better option, but cunning hackers often find ways to hack such wallets.

NGRAVE Code Wallet


That’s exactly why I prefer to use a hardware wallet or decentralized. Here new wallets out (and the one we at Morningstar Ventures invested in the creation of) is called NGRAVE SHOP NOW. It operates autonomously and supports fingerprint 2FA even without any internet connection.

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BigONE One of China Popular Exchange is Set to Move Abroad, What You Need to Know! In July 2021

BigOne Exchange is set to move abroad. What to expert! BigONE is an old brand that inherits the good genes of Yunbi. BigOne Exchange Review. Big Change Coming.



BigONE Exchangs

BigOne Exchange

BigONE Exchange is set to move abroad for a better Exchange combination and to connect to many countries.

As you can see, it has made countless №1 in the Chinese market indicators, and, like a biological invasion, it has frequently appeared on various overseas social media platforms. The reason for this cannot be explained unequivocally in just one or two sentences, which not only make people feel a little nervous, but can surprise overseas users to a great extent.

BigONE’s advantages in the Chinese market

In the Chinese market, BigONE is an old brand that inherits the good genes of Yunbi. It stumbles forward all the way, with its safety, pragmatism, and truth-seeking characteristics, shining a light in the Chinese market.

Specifically, Futures is quite prevalent among Futures lovers. There are two reasons behind this.

Firstly, BigONE has an unparalleled smooth trading experience. It is believed that Chinese users are not unfamiliar with the issues like transactions being limited at critical moments, crypto price rises or falls suddenly, and margin calls being created maliciously, but since the launching of its futures, there has never been any negative news. It has been striving for improving its technology, being resolute not to engage in any unethical deeds, while providing a smoother trading experience than its counterparts. It also adheres to professional ethics, and there has never involved with any malicious margin calls so far, which can be checked out on major websites in China.

BigONE Exchange

Secondly, it is worth noticing that there are various events for BigONE Futures events, which always offer users the best things, such as Tesla car, iPhone12promax, IPADpro, USDT rewards and so on. Unlike other exchanges, which are invariably ranked by trading volume and inclined to give more privileges to the rich. BigONE acts completely differently in China. It provides fairer rules and gives every ordinary user a chance to win big prizes, which is rare in the entire industry. Being itself the first platform to do so, therefore, BigONE become a very popular platform among young people in China because it is secure and allows ordinary people to have a chance to become rich.

In the past two Futures KOL events, two young Chinese girls won the first place in the BigONE Futures event. They excitedly took away their prizes, IPhone12Promax, can you believe they only invested less than a hundred dollars? Is there a better experience than this?

BigONE’s Overseas Expansion Has Just Begun

BigONE Exchange will focus on overseas market this year, to bring exclusive benefits to overseas users.

Organically, it will continue to follow its own inclusive development path. Technically, the 24-hour online customer service will always be there for users, as regards the use experience of its website and APP, it will always stand in the first echelon, when it comes to the event design, it will stick to the idea of giving every ordinary user a chance to win.

At the same time, the BigONE Futures business also needs to work with some external quality resources, especially the influential KOLs, and the owners of many communities, who are the most desirable partners of BigONE who is now facing growth opportunities from search, social media and mobile.

Therefore, we’d like to convey three key messages through this article:

  • First and foremost, we want all overseas users to know that BigONE will prioritize its overseas business in the future, and we will offer you our best products and services, because BigONE is a veteran exchange, which is highly anticipated.
  • Secondly, we are currently looking for some partners, whether you are influential KOLs, industry reporters or PR agencies, as long as you are passionate for Futures, then we can have a talk.
  • Thirdly, we hope that more overseas users can come to experience our Futures and participate in the upcoming Futures events, whether the reward is an iphone12 promax, or a Tesla, you will be offered a chance to win a bonus that is 10 times bigger than your initial investment, all of which will be possible on it, we are making your dreams come true.

From today on, please pay a close attention to BigONE Futures, we promise you will fall in love with it!


Over the last couple of months, the crypto community has observed a number of bright success stories of “newcomer” crypto exchanges. Among them, there is one that drew our attention by becoming a rank Top-3 on CMC (by total volume) from out of nowhere. This is the story of parabolic rise of trade volume in 3 days for BTC/USDT pair traded on BigONE exchange — a whopping 6,300,000%.

We suspect that this exchange simply does not have the declared trade volume, which can be seen on CoinMarketCap (CMC) since June 22, 2018, when BigONEbegan its movement to the top-level exchanges by total trade volume.

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Blockchain Wallet, Your Keys, Your Crypto, Everything You Need To Know About Blockchain Privacy in 2021

Blockchain Wallet. Why blockchain wallet matters and why you should you it. Your non-custodial wallet, which we call your Private Key Wallet, puts you in control. Blockchain private keys.



Blockchain wallet

Blockchain Wallet

Bitcoin and crypto markets on the move, now is the perfect time to get the most out of your Wallet. Every day this week, you’ll get helpful bitcoin facts and tips straight to your inbox – “From Zero to Crypto”. Blockchain

Today’s topic: how do you know when you actually control your funds versus when a third party controls them for you?

Is Cryptocurrency the Future of Money? Don’t Miss 2021

Control your crypto with a Private Key Wallet

Your non-custodial wallet, which we call your Private Key Wallet, puts you in control. The 12-word Secret Private Key Recovery Phrase is like a god code, it provides whoever has it with instant access to the funds in your Private Key Wallet. No one — not even us — can access those funds without it. That means that we can’t help you if you lose the recovery phrase, and if you give the phrase to someone else they’ll have full access to funds in that Private Key Wallet.

A Private Key Wallet allows you to:

  • Store crypto
  • Swap crypto for other cryptos on-chain
  • Send and receive from any external address
  • Transfer to and withdraw from your Interest Account
Blockchain Wallet

Blockchain Wallet

Accounts’ are controlled by

Your custodial wallet, which we call Accounts, are not backed up by your Wallet’s 12-word Secret Private Key Recovery Phrase. Instead, they’re associated with your profile. Like other custodial fintech products, we can help you reset your password and troubleshoot any issues you might have.

Accounts allow you to:

  • Buy and sell crypto
  • Store crypto
  • Use your cash balance to buy crypto
  • Access Interest Accounts to earn crypto
  • Swap between cryptos for faster settlement and lower fees
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