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Blockchain Bridge Spreadsheet, What You Should Know

Blockchain Bridge. How does blockchain bridge work? What is Blockchain Bridge? Blockchain bridges are software used to transfer tokens from one blockchain to another.



Blockchain Bridge Spreadsheet

What is Blockchain Bridge?

Blockchain bridges are software used to transfer tokens from one blockchain to another. It is a service that monitors both networks at the same time.

Blockchain Bridge Spreadsheet

Blockchain assets are often not compatible with one another, which creates a huge interoperability gap. Bridges were developed to cover up this gap to the possible extent.

Blockchain Bridge

Whenever you need to make your assets travel, use this spreadsheet to simplify your bridge search. Enjoy!

Blockchian Mega Spreadsheet: Mega Spreadsheet

How do blockchain bridge work?

A blockchain bridge, otherwise known as a cross-chain bridge, connects two blockchains and allows users to send cryptocurrency from one chain to the other. Basically, if you have bitcoin but want to spend it like Ethereum, you can do that through the bridge.

What is the best blockchain bridge?


Tezos has the Tezos Wrap Protocol Bridge which provides a brdge to Ethereum utilizing wrapped tokens.

Binance Smart Chain

Binance Bridge lets users convert their crypto assets into Binance Chain and Binance Smart Chain wrapped tokens. It also let’s them convert back to the original token type.

Avalanche Network

The Avalanche Bridge has a simple process that lets users transfer ERC-20 tokens from Ethereum to Avalanche’s C-Chain and vice versa.


Solana’s increasing popularity can be attributed to its cross-chain functionality. One cross-chain facility is its Wormhole Bridge.

Bitcoin Cash

Smart Bitcoin Cash (smartBCH for short) is a sidechain for Bitcoin Cash. It is compatible with Ethereum’s EVM and Web3 API and provides high throughput for DApps in a fast, secure, and decentralized manner.


Users should be careful when transferring funds across bridges as funds can get lost if mistakes are made.

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